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February 24, 2019

Section: Introduction – Service

Everyone over 18 years old, without exemption or exception, should payback this country with a minimum service commitment as a responsibility of citizenship.

What a man does for others, not what they do for him, gives him immortality." Daniel Webster.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Military service is an honorable career option.

There are multiple civilian service organizations run by various parts of the federal government.

o   More than 400,000 Americans have served in the corps since its founding, with 75,000 serving full or part time in 2005.

o   Current CNCS program costs exceed the service benefit received.

§  Primary benefit is perceived by the service participant vs. the service recipient.

o   AmeriCorps State and National (ASaN) provides grants to community service organizations across the country

o   AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), founded in 1964, provides services to low income individuals and communities.

o   AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) is a full time residential program deploying young people to aid in conservation and national disaster relief.

Although a professional public service is valuable, a Public Service Academy is not viable.



The price of citizenship for everyone is service.



Every citizen over 18 years old must perform a minimum of three years of national service between the ages of 18 and 22.

§  Civilian service alternatives must justify their eligibility by demonstrating positive benefits vs. costs. 

o   Each service alternative must define their minimum physical, intellectual, and skill requirements.

o   All national service recruits will attend a common basic training (physical, moral, education).

o   Advanced training will then be provided and service alternative specific.

o   Recruits will be paid with salary, benefits, and education credits.

§  Every 18 year old citizen must sign up for national service, without exception or exemption.

o   Each service will meet their minimum staffing requirement, with priority to meeting military minimums first, since it remains an all volunteer service.

§  Each service alternative will define a minimum and maximum number of resources required.

§  Each recruit will specify their top three service choices (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or Special Partnership Force).

§  Minimum enrollment for each service alternative must be met, so some people may not receive their first choice.

o   Every 18 year old must report for duty and receive their assigned service selection.



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