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February 5, 2020

Section: Introduction – Politics

The nonpartisan Background Poll continues to confirm that a majority (59%) of Americans characterize themselves year after year as conservative or very conservative, but this does not always translate into party politics.”

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

The political spectrum varies between the extremes of complete freedom with no governance (anarchy) to the all-powerful state (statism) with no individual freedom.

new spectrum

Currently the two major parties are Republican and Democrat:

o   Aristotle held that truth is far too complex to know through the bare application of logic to imagination because the variables are too numerous to enable the thinker to find that truth without reference to known variations of existent, provable fact. 

o   Aristotle took into account the changeability of human nature. 

o   In developing his theory, he assumed two premises:

§  First, that truth can be determined through logic, but only if it is based on empirical observation.

§  Second, government exists to protect its citizens so they can freely create their own society born of liberty and choice. 

o   Aristotle’s thought has heirs in a line from Aquinas to Hobbes to Locke to Burke to the American Founders and to modern conservatism.

o   Plato is the father of American leftism who believed that truth was discovered through the application of logic unconstrained by experience. 

o   His was unleavened idealism, and his description of an ideal political system is one derived from what he imagined would result in the best, most ordered society from which all would benefit. 

o   He proceeds from two basic premises. 

§  The first is that transcendent truth is knowable a priori and derived by the mind of man applying logic to an analysis of abstract principles. 

§  The second is that it is the function of government to shape society and, to that end, to organize its citizens and institutions with the objective of creating the defined ideal.

o   Not surprisingly, Plato's system has never, in the history of mankind, successful. 

o   Plato’s progeny have, through the millennia, adopted his premises in a direct line of thought from Augustine to Descartes to Leibnitz to Kant to Hegel to Marx to modern liberalism. 

o   Each accepted as its premises, first, that the truth was knowable and should be derived by logic without reference to experience and, second, that government exists -- and should exist -- to shape society to the ideal and, with it, to bend the will of the individual to the service of the defined greater good.

o   When redistribution of wealth was attempted in Rome, Cicero inherited a 100 year catastrophe in 55BC where nobody wanted to work.

o   Emancipation Proclamation (1863): The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, issued an order freeing all slaves in the confederacy.

o   End of the Civil War (1865): Abe Lincoln guides the north to victory in the Civil War and reunites the nation.

o   Women's right to vote (1872): Republicans Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton write the text of the 19th Amendment, which is introduced by Republican Senator Aaron A. Sargent of California. The Amendment was finally ratified in 1920.

o   Victory in the Spanish American War (1898): Republican William McKinley achieves victory in the Spanish American War and forces Spain to give up its claim on Cuba.

o   Construction of the Panama Canal (1904): Under Republican Teddy Roosevelt, America takes control of the Panama Canal and builds it into one of the most crucial locations in world shipping.

o   First woman elected to U.S. House of Representatives (1916): Republican Jeannette Rankin becomes the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

o   Construction of the Hoover Dam (1928): Calvin Coolidge signed a law allowing the construction of the Hoover Dam to begin.

o   Jessie Owens wins four gold medals in the Olympics (1936): Republican Jessie Owens humiliated Hitler by winning 4 gold medals in the Berlin Olympics.  President Dwight Eisenhower made him "Ambassador of Sports."

o   Jackie Robinson becomes the first black American to play in the Major Leagues (1947): Republican Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball when the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Republican Branch Rickey, brought him up to the major leagues.

o   The Interstate Highway System (1956): Republican Dwight Eisenhower begins construction of the Interstate highway system.

o   Desegregating schools (1957): Dwight Eisenhower "deployed the 82nd Airborne Division to desegregate Little Rock’s government schools over the strenuous resistance of Governor Orval Faubus (D., Ark.)."

o   The First Asian-American U.S. Senator (1959): The first Asian-American senator, Republican Hiram Fong, is elected in Hawaii.

o   Civil Rights Act of 1960: "Eisenhower signs the GOP’s 1960 Civil Rights Act after it survived a five-day, five-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats."

o   The Reagan tax cuts (1981): Republican Ronald Reagan revitalized the listless U.S. economy with tax cuts that created a massive surge of jobs, economic growth, and prosperity.

o   Collapse of the Soviet Union (1991): Ronald Reagan's tireless work against the Soviet Union finally paid off as it formally dissolved in 1991, during George H.W. Bush term.

o   The Gulf War (1991): George H.W. Bush formed a coalition that forced Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

o   Welfare reform (1996): After Clinton vetoed two previous versions of welfare reform, Republicans sent it back to him a third time and he finally reluctantly signed the bill.

o   A Republican Congress balances the budget (1998-2001): Republicans in Congress forced an unenthusiastic Bill Clinton to balance the budget in his second term.

o   Retaliation in Afghanistan (2001): After the 9/11 attacks, Republican George W. Bush retaliated by driving the Taliban and their allies in Al-Qaeda from power.

o   Condi Rice becomes Secretary of State (2005): George W. Bush selected Condi

o   RINOs – Republicans In Name Only who do not believe that progressivism and big government are bad for America. Democrats have screwed it up and Republicans should be entrusted to implement the progressive agenda because they will do it more efficiently and cost effectively than liberal Democrats have or could.

o   CRUELs – Confused Republicans who are Unable to Exercise Leadership are conservative politicians whose hearts and minds may be in the right place, but they are unable to: (i) articulate their beliefs; (ii) explain the connection between progressivism and the ills that beset the nation; (iii) describe clearly how conservative policies will enhance liberty and economic prosperity; and (iv) deflect the vicious slanders that the Democrats hurl at them.

o   CCCs – Committed, Conservative Constitutionalists are politicians who have a clear understanding of what the progressives have wrought and how the country has changed. They can envision and describe, clerly nd simply, the bleak future that awaits us if we don’t have a major course correction. Furthermore, such people also have a clear idea of what must be done to return the country to its founding ethos, re-institute the ideals of free market capitalism, constitutional and limited governance, and American exceptionalism and thereby restore the republic.

o   Mainstream media openly supports the Democrat party.

o   Academic liberals have become something of a political power in their own right.

§  Academic curriculum reflects political indoctrination starting in primary schools.

§  Education polls indicate liberal orientation by faculties at all levels.

§  Lack of political diversity in Universities is reflected in hiring practices.

o   Liberal websites such as MoveOn.Org and Huffington Post are lavishly funded.

o   Liberal environmental issues distance it further from the values and interests of the middle and working classes.

o   American exceptionalism (America has done more than any other country to improve this world; and American values form the finest value system).

o   The bigger government gets and more powerful the state becomes, the greater the threat to individual liberty and the greater the likelihood that evil will ensue.

o   High levels of taxation render those taxes a veiled form of theft.

o   Government funding of those who can help themselves or who can be helped by non-governmental institutions hurts them and hurts society.

o   America has been based on the Judeo-Christian value system, not secular

o   Enlightenment values alone, and the secularization of American society will lead to the collapse.

o   Murderers should be put death.

o   American military has done more to preserve and foster goodness and liberty on Earth than all the artists and professors in America put together.

o   Lowering standards to admit minorities mocks the real achievements of members of those minorities.

o   When schools give teenagers condoms, it is a tacit approval to engage in sexual intercourse.

o   Assertions that manmade carbon emissions will lead to a global warming that will in turn bring on worldwide disaster are a function of hysteria.

o   Marriage must remain what has been in every recorded civilization - between the two sexes.

o   Trial lawyers associations and teachers unions have done great harm to American life.

o   Nuclear power, clean coal, and drilling in Alaska and offshore, along with exploration of other energy alternatives such as wind and solar power, are immediately necessary.

o   School vouchers are more effective than increased spending on public schools in enabling many poorer Americans to give their children better educations.

o   America is no longer a racist society, and that blaming disproportionate rates of black violence and out-of-wedlock births on white racism is a lie and an impediment to progress.

o   America, which accepts and assimilates foreigners better than any other country in the world, is the least racist, least xenophobic country in the world.

o   Leftist takeover of the liberal arts departments in nearly every American university has been an intellectual and moral calamity.

o   A good man and a good marriage are more important to most women's happiness and personal fulfillment than a good career.

o   Males and females are inherently different.

o   When it comes to combating the greatest evils on Earth, such as the genocide in Rwanda, the United Nations has either been useless or an obstacle.

o   Western Europe provides social and moral models to be avoided, not emulated.

o   America's children were positively affected by hearing a non-denominational prayer each morning in school, and adversely affected by the removal of all prayer from school.

o   Removal of school uniforms and/or dress codes has had a terrible impact on students and their education.

o   Bilingual education does not work so immersion in English in America is mandatory.

o   English should be declared the national language.

o   The first faction is best called Rockefeller Republicans, likely the most traditionally Republican. First and foremost, Rockefeller Republicans are pro-business. They oppose excessive regulation, high corporate taxes and government bailouts.

o   The second faction, social conservatives, can be found across the political spectrum. They are a minority faction in both the Democrat and Republican parties, emphasizing traditional values and morality. They oppose abortion, gay marriage and unreasonable searches. They believe the government should grant individuals the freedom to follow their conscience and thus allow them to take moral action. They also want the government to impose strict laws against immoral acts without regard for an individual’s conscience.

o   The third faction on the conservative side is the Libertarian Party, the largest third party in the United States. Libertarians want to promote freedom for all, oppose anything that violates individual liberty and promote anything that supports individual liberty.

The meaning of liberalism has changed over the centuries.

o   It first emerged late in the 19th century under the banner of Progressivism, asserting that new political institutions had to be established to regulate industrial concentrations and to mediate conflicts between business and labor.

o   Progressivism flamed out during World War I and seemed to have disappeared for good during the 1920s, but it revived itself during the 1930s as "New Deal liberalism" while preserving a few of the themes of Progressivism and unfolded in five phases:

§  The first New Deal (1933-1934) consisted of gigantic workfare projects to absorb the unemployed in conservation programs and what would today be called infrastructure construction; a comprehensive banking reorganization with guarantees of deposits; agreed rollbacks of agricultural production, voted by sector, to assure viable pricing; encouragement of cartels and collective bargaining to raise wages and prices; evaluation of the dollar and a departure from the gold standard apart from international transactions; and legislated improvements in working conditions.

§  The second New Deal (1934-1938) included Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission, some remodeling of the pyramidal corporate structure of the hydroelectric industry, and higher taxes as a sop to the demagogic political movements chipping at the two-party system. In the latter half of this phase, the workfare and conservation programs were rolled back, and the federal deficit was reduced.

§  Depressive conditions began to reappear and Roosevelt reapplied workfare pump-priming on a massive scale in the third New Deal (1938-1939), and shifted to the greatest peacetime arms buildup in history, including America's first peacetime conscription.

§  The fourth New Deal (1939-1945) carried into the war, counting the workfare program participants as employed (which is as logical as including European military draftees and defense workers as employed), unemployment was severely reduced by 1935; counting them as unemployed, the unemployment numbers came down to the low teens by 1936, descended below 10 percent in 1940, and unemployment was completely eliminated before the Japanese attack plunged America into war in December 1941.

§  The final phase of the New Deal (1945-1949) came posthumously to Roosevelt, but was his GI Bill of Rights, which gave university tuition and a stake to start a business or buy a farm to 13 million returning American servicemen (almost 10% of the entire population), and effectively turned the working class into a middle class, having saved them from joblessness, trained and led them to victory in war, and staked them to new careers.

§  When FDR's brand of liberalism faded out because of World War II and the prosperity of the postwar period, it revived itself in the form of "Cold War liberalism," achieving new peaks of popularity and influence during the Kennedy-Johnson years.

§  The rebels, protesters, and reformers of the 1960s authored still a fourth chapter by introducing into the movement the theme of liberation or "cultural liberalism."

§  By this last adaptation liberalism strengthened its appeal to the educated classes but at the expense of its broad support among working- and middle-class voters, as it morphed into "leftism." The traditional liberal objective of providing economic security for the working man gave way to a desire to reform and even to overturn the inherited fabric of society, thereby politicizing cultural practices relating to family life, sexual mores, and religion.

o   This convergence of leftism and liberalism ultimately led to a misleading change of name, morphing from socialism, communism, or Marxism to “liberalism” created a lasting misconception.

o   The Modern Liberalism agenda is to gain control of the institutional hierarchy of the state and then to use that power to implement their notions of what a just and humane society entails as they see it.

§  There is nothing “modern” about Modern Liberalism, as the ideas were hatched around the French Revolution, and have not changed much since.

§  Centralized vs. decentralized control are concepts that have maintained their meaning relatively well.

·         Leftism / Modern Liberalism has failed repeatedly through the years:

o   Family: Modern liberalism teaches the family is an artificial construct that has no profound meaning. The result has been a society that seems to have given up on the idea of romantic love.

o   Education: Modern liberal ideas about education, focus upon the misbegotten ideas of John Dewey whichwas based upon experiential instruction that eschewed the classics and sought to prepare youngsters for a trade or some other skill. This fits the Marxist world-view where the few elites rule the ignorant masses with an iron hand.

o   Immigration: Modern liberal immigration is premised upon the notion that the world is a giant country, and therefore all people who want to get into America are already its citizens. While this might seem insane, it is a crafty policy for those who would make these untutored foreigners instant citizens capable of voting the day they cross the border.

o   Economics: Modern liberal economics is based upon the idea that capitalism is a theft where the rich steal from the poor. This simple, antagonistic, class-warfare Marxism, disproved a thousand times and killed dead as a duck, is yet back from the grave for another regime.

o   Foreign Policy: Modern liberal foreign policy is premised upon the idea that if the stronger nations lay down their arms and kneel at the feet of the weak, they will be blessed for their love and mercy; then peace will reign across the earth.

o   Taxation & Spending: Modern tax and spend liberalism is premised upon the notion that the more a society spends, the better place it will be. Instead, there is no causal relationship in taxing and spending for the good life, but an unfortunate negative relationship.

o   Welfare: The modern liberal welfare state assumes that people who are in bad situations are there for no fault of their own, and must be helped. Support for the indolent causes the numbers of poor to rise since they are being rewarded.

o   Church & State: Modern liberal theory presumes that religion is a negative, as Marx taught, so must be pushed to the side. The net result is that public policy is no longer infused with the West’s spirit of Christianity but, instead, increasingly becomes informed by humanism, secularism and atheism.

o   Energy Policy: The earth is treated as a living being and mankind’s activities akin to a deadly attack against it.

o   Exceptionalism: Modern liberalism teaches there is no such thing as American Exceptionalism. Instead, there is only each state’s self-interest, and we must break down America and its delusions about being better than any other place.

·         Surprisingly the Left are more interested in money than Right-wingers.

·         Left-wingers are more likely to rate 'high income' as an important factor in choosing a job.

·         Left feels there are no right or wrong ways to make money.

·         Left are less likely to give to charity or to volunteer their time to charity.

·         When Leftists donate money it is more likely to advocacy organisations to advance a political agenda, versus help needy people.

·         Progressives see economic equality as the highest form of social justice.

o   Left tends to be more envious and jealous of successful people.

o   Those who favor the redistribution of wealth are more envious than those who do not.

o   Leftists were much more willing to give up some of their own money if it meant taking more money from someone else.

o   Much of the desire to distribute wealth and higher taxation is motivated by envy - the desire to take more from someone else - and bitterness.

o   Many current liberal action groups can be directly traced back to class based society with Marxist, socialist roots.

§  Socialism teaches good of the group always exceed the rights of the individual.

§  Socialism tries to control the means of production through regulation.

§  The cultural offensive launched by progressives was inspired by an Italian Stalinist named Antonio Gramsci, whose works became an academic fashion in the 1970s.

Ø  Writing in the 1930s, Gramsci had proposed an innovation in Marxist theory which sought to address the fact that the working class had failed in its historic mission as a revolutionary force.

Ø  Gramsci’s solution was to put cultural institutions at the center of the revolutionary agenda.

Ø  In Gramsci’s conception, this meant infiltrating and then subverting universities, churches, media and the institutions of the arts, the instrumentalities by which ideas were introduced into the general culture.

Ø  In Gramsci’s vision, radical subvention of these institutions and therefore of the culture would make radical ideas the ruling ideas, which would result in radicals becoming a political ruling class.

§  Saul Alinsky’s organizing model is based on fomenting public discontent, moral confusion, and outright chaos to spark social upheaval and justify major social changes.

§  Organizing for America” (OFA) is an offshoot of the Democrat National Committee to agitate locally for Democrat national supported issues.

Ø  OFA is designed as a grass roots organization led by hardcore activists (“all leftist politics, all the time”) and involving mostly unpaid volunteers (“useful idiots”).

o   Government programs to restructure society is one class. 

o   Government laws, regulatory mandates, and court orders to change behavior is a second. 

o   The third is liberal social pressure, often with government complicity, to control thought, also known as political correctness.” 

The two major political philosophies have two different points of view:


Republican Conservative

Democrat Liberal


Generally happy, positive

Visionary, forward looking

Glass is half full”

Hopeful, “focus on progress”

Representative, compassionate

Patriotic, proud (American Leadership)

American exceptionalism

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

Generally unhappy, angry

Second guessing

Glass is half empty

Fearful, “doom and gloom”

Arrogant, condescending 

Self loathing, apologist (Blame America)

American chauvinism

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity


Begin from gratitude for what is good and what works in our society and then strive to build on it.

Begin from outrage at what is bad and broken and seek to uproot it.


Optimistic, foresight

Look to past for guidance

Practical, pragmatic

Think voters are smart

Common good vs. evil

Judeo-Christian morals

Pessimistic, hindsight

Look to imaginary future as a guide

Naïve, “useful idiots

Think voters are stupid

Victimization, divisiveness

Moral equivalence, secularism


Objective truth, right vs. wrong

Pursue legal justice

Want to be judged on results

Factual, logical arguments

Highlight opposition shortcomings

Realistic issues discussion

Think liberals are misguided

Truth is relative

Pursue social justice

Want to be judged on intentions

Feelings, demagoguery, hyperbole

Transference, hypocrisy

Obfuscate, discredit, then attack

Think conservatives are evil

The two political parties have two different views on the issues:





Focus on principles of society

Party leadership serves people

Country interests first

God given rights

Marriage between man-woman

Freedom of religion

Judicial originalism

Focus on group identity

Party elite leads people

Political party first

Rational, secular basis

Same sex marriage

Freedom from religion

Judicial activism

Domestic Policy

Limited government

E Pluribus Unum (unite)

Free speech for all

Victim rights

Wealth creation

Free market capitalism

Lower taxes

Environmental conservation

Government dependence

Collection of minorities (divide)

Freedom from disagreement

Criminal rights

Income redistribution


Higher taxes

Return to nature

Foreign Policy

Independent nation

Citizen of America

Global leadership

Military as extension of policy

Strong military defense

Victory through strength

Free trade

Global interdependence

Citizen of the World


Military as failure of policy


Defeatist (“cut and run”)

Trade protection

Liberal policies diminish a society's moral character:

Political parties differ in the cultural norms associated that define them:

Republican Party

Democrat Party

Enterprise America

Welfare America

Stay in school

School unimportant – drop out

Get by contributing

Get by demanding

Selling: identifying customer needs, making yourself and your product attractive to a customer

In your face: intimidating those around you


Achievement is “privilege”

Personal responsibility

Society’s fault

Historic success – example of America to the world

Historic failure – socialist societies everywhere

Building wealth

Supported by builders of wealth

Making personal and family history


Supporting a strong community

No stake in community; gang as community

Family Ideal: married father, mother, and children

Family Unit: any loving combination of people

Historically third parties (Libertarian, Green, etc.) have not gained significant traction.

Battleground poll is the most respected and trusted of political polls.

o   American people overwhelmingly (56%) consider themselves either “conservative” or “very conservative.

o   Only 38% of American people consider themselves either “liberal” or “very liberal.

o   The remaining 6% of American people consider themselves either “moderate” or “don’t know

o   Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 or the 50 states (except Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

o   Idealistic politician’s views tend to blur the longer they serve inside the beltway.

o   92% of Republicans are to the right of the median Democrat.

o   94% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican.

o   Polarization has led to a deepening antipathy among ordinary Americans for the other side.

The Pew Research Center has identified nine political/ideological “typologies” dividing the political parties.

General Social Survey found ones attitudes are driven by their political belief system.

The Federalist Party is based on strict conformance to the Constitution.

Ultra-left liberals developed a Republican Derangement Syndrome (RDS) during the Bush administration a Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), which has now morphed into Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS):

o   Invent, inflate, and over-report bad war news. Tie all bad news to Republicans. At the same time, ignore or downplay good news.

o   Create the illusion of widespread, honest dissent to Bush policies by giving plenty of airtime to leftwing groups and individuals historically antagonistic toward the projection of US, and only US, power.

o   Downplay, ignore and disparage American success wherever you find it.

o   Exalt in, sympathize with and mythologize America's enemies, vilify and deconstruct its protectors.

o   Downplay America's generosity and righteousness. Recast a mission that includes saving a nation from a murdering brute and his rapist, sociopath sons as a brutal occupation in the pursuit of American Empire.

o   Fill the Nation's airwaves, from sea to shining sea, with questionable and sometimes outright false tales of Republican-related misery, butchery, fraud and waste.

o   Foment as much national anxiety and hatred of the Republican leader as money and can buy. George Soros and other moneyed leftists will fund you.     

o   Provide coverage to leftwing intellectuals and scientists making anti-Bush statements. Present them as legitimate, non-partisan experts in their fields.

o   Present major news coverage of every antiwar protest you can find, whether it draws 100 people or 10,000 people, ignore all pro-US, pro-troop rallies completely or portray their attendees as violence-prone, fringe-lunatic jingoists.

o   To sow further strife, anxiety and confusion, continue stoking the fires of racial tension and class warfare.

o   As soon as the election results were known, Democrats melted down with disbelief.

o   Recounts were done in several states, but no significant change in the outcomes.

o   Meanwhile partisans unsuccessfully launched an effort to steal the election by corrupting the electoral college.

o   Party elites then tried to blame the loss on Russian hacking without any proof.

o   College campuses offered “safe spaces” to safely cry and mourn election results.

o   Some campuses offered therapy dogs, snacks and puppies to distract the ”snowflakes” from the pain they felt.

Socialism is defined as "Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy."

A Communist system had three pairs of identifying characteristics, all of which have their origins in Lenin's ideology and philosophy.

o   That was supposed to mean that open discussion could precede decision-making, which was then administered with unanimity and iron discipline.

o   However It usually meant that decisions were handed down from a dictator or a small circle of oligarchs, and were neither discussed nor questioned.

o   Responsible for the murder of 100 million innocent people.

§  76 million killed in China

§  62 million killed in the former Soviet Union.

§  Almost one-third of all Cambodians killed.

§  Decimated the Tibetan and Chinese culture.

o   Routinely tortured and imprisoned tens of millions of human beings in Soviet Gulags and concentration camps.

o   Locked a billion human beings into mental and physical prisons over the seven long decades of tyranny.

o   Profited immensely from the misery of others, living in luxury on the backs of peasant and worker slaves.

o   Enabled, supported, lied about, and protected all the worst tyrannies in the world, even if they were our deadly ideological enemies.

o   Actively aided and abetted Islamic fascists against America and Israel, against moderate Muslims throughout the world, and after 9/11/01, against freedom-loving Americans who will not surrender to our extremist ideology." 

o   Persecuted people of faith all over the world, and that we continue to do so today in China and Vietnam, Africa and North Korea.

o   Actively working to destroy free peoples, especially the United States and Israel.

o   Took bribes from oil despotisms to protect the worst kinds of tyranny inflicted every day upon innocent women, children, and men, and upon Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahá'ís, and even upon atheist Marxists in those countries."

o   Supported and enabled the oppression of women and girls, including terrorizing them into submission, wounding them by genital mutilation, and murdering them if they try to escape the control of their tyrannical families and communities."

o   Used lies and indoctrination as standard policy tools.

o   Laying the groundwork – generation long process when minds can be closed to reason and more influenced by emotion and propaganda. Identity politics, dependence on government, breakup of family unit, suppression of thought, erasing collective memory, and bureaucratization are all essential.

o   Propaganda – the process by which power elites condition individuals through psychological manipulation to adapt to an agenda.  Language is manipulated; history is revised; journalism is slanted; and political correctness is enforced; ,

o   Agitating the masses – Street theater serves to shut down freedom of expression.  Intense polarization activates grievances; mobs are mobilized and organized; youth is brainwashed into thoughtless action figures.

o   Consolidating control over society’s institutions – a communist society cannot allow any institution to be autonomous, so they must be absorbed by the state and serve the state.  The state will take over the family including childhood development, secular education, and religious instruction.

o   Coercing conformity – Enforcement is ironclad, fast, and furious.  Enforcement is not used to persuade, but to punish. Psychiatry is used as a political weapon to solidify compliance.  Citizens are enlisted for surveillance and identification.

o   Final solutions – Communists will never give up power without a fight.  Dehumanization leads to flimsy pretexts for eliminating the “other.”  Violence is embraced as a means to quell dissent, and enforce social justice.  Religious belief is suppressed and replaced with atheism as a state religion.

Congress was given the 45 Declared Goals for the Communist Takeover of America in 1963 (from The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen) which have all been embraced and implemented by liberal Democrats ever since.

Tea Party Principles of Beliefs and Practices to Oppose:

Principles of Belief

Practices to Oppose

Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the original intent of the US Constitution

Judicial arbitrary activism, Legislative arrogance, Executive unaccountability

Reducing the size and limiting the scope of the Federal and State governments

Continuous expansion of government and micromanagement bureaucracy

Protecting state's sovereignty as ensured by the 9th and 10th Amendment

Federal supremacy fallacy, uncontrollable general welfare and commerce clauses

Reduce the deficit, balance the budget and a restore Constitutional sound money

Unchecked and unnecessary spending, borrowing and debasement of the currency

Replace the burdensome and unfair US tax laws that destroy the middle class

Capricious tax obligations, “special interest” exemptions and burdensome reporting

Defense of a Free Market System that encourages economic wealth creation

Corporate/State economy, outsourcing globalism, NAFTA GATT, Wall Street monopoly 

Protecting and preserving traditional 2nd Amendment rights

Restrictions on means of personal self-protection, federal control of state Militia

Institution of Term Limits as a means to address political corruption and accountability

Permanent incumbent culture, dominance by two party, corporate candidate donations

Restoration of a society that reflect Jeffersonian respect for Western Civilization

Secular humanism, global treaty mandates, world currency, assault on time-honored values

Natural Rights of citizens are eternal; arbitrary governments forfeit legitimacy 

Arrogance and criminal conduct of Central Government tyranny and Presidential Despotism



America was founded on a short list of broadly stated, fundamental principles:

Three ideas that separate conservatives from liberals:

·         Progressives and those who sympathize with them are economically risk-averse compared with conservatives.

·         Progressives benefit enormously from the fact that economic inequality matters much more to Americans than conservatives like to admit.

·         Conservatives see people as assets, and progressives see people as liabilities.

Reasons Socialism is inferior to Capitalism:

Ten Tenets of Conservatism, originally authored by Rev. William J. H. Boetcker in 1916:

  1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  2. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
  3. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  4. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
  5. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
  6. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
  7. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
  8. You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
  9. You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.
  10. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

Conservatism is based on first principles providing the core framework for an internally con­sistent and meaningful policy agenda:

The Principles of Conservatism:



Political parties must wrest control back from their lunatic fringe leadership.

Hold politicians personally responsible for their words (half truths, exaggerations, fabrications).

Hold politicians responsible for results of legislation (costs, benefits, organization).

Make voting mandatory for all citizens in every election to provide feedback to the government.



The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen published by Ensign Publishing, 1958.

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