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January 23, 2018

Section: Introduction – Language

Liberal newspeak isn’t the work of the engineers of the left, but its marketers, who reframe everything in comforting language while teaching you to use the appropriate terms that change the context completely.” Daniel Greenfield.

Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, function, and division of society.” John Adams


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Political correctness is allowing liberals to subvert our society.

Kate Swift and Casey Miller wrote The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing in 1981.

o   The first was that sexism and sexual discrimination were embedded in the English language.

o   The second was that the language needed to be radically revised in order to change society’s attitudes and make it more inclusive.

Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism.

The Left has twisted and redefined certain words to further their agenda and silence dissent.

·       Tolerance – Political “tolerance” today is agree with me and endorse it and love it, or be branded an intolerant bigot.

·       Hate – If someone believes in absolute moral truth and is a sincere person of faith, and objects to the ways some people are living their lives, then that person is a “hater.”

·       Judging – If you disagree with me, you are “judging” me, and that is just intolerable.

·       Justice/Equality – These two terms mean some sort of “deficiency in our culture” and the need to forcefully eradicate the perceived deficiency.

·       Racism – Racism is treating someone differently just because the color of their skin, but now it includes intolerance any questions, criticism, or suggestion from another race.

·       Gender/Sex – Sex is male or female, but gender is a social construct to behave in certain “acceptable ways” depending on where you are on the “gender spectrum.”

Liberal euphemisms are used to obfuscate imprecise language.

The abuse of the word “justice” has become so widespread that you can immediately identify the political slant of any group just by looking for “justice” in their name or literature.

Clear speaking and clear writing are foundational to clear thinking, although “nuance” masquerades as sophistication while actually introducing obfuscation.

Republican elites (Republicrats) obscure the true meaning of these 10 phrases:

Even common phrases have morphed into unintelligible bafflegab.

Congress has embraced Orwellian Newspeak to name legislation to hide its true intent.

Euphemisms have become a big part of the Obama administration’s approach to the war on terror:

Transference is a political tactic used to project personal shortcoming as opponent weakness.



Accurate and descriptive terminologies are required for understanding.



Reject political correctness and doublespeak.

Restore original objective meaning to euphemisms and code words.



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