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April 26, 2018

Section: Foreign – Defense

Transforming to meet future defense needs will require a clear vision of military use in the future, expected opposition, and sustained investment across multiple political administrations

To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” – George Washington.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Department of Defense is tasked to protect and advance U.S. national interests by:

The Quadrennial Defense Review seeks to match US military means to strategic ends.

o   The National Security Strategy (which provides high level strategic guidance and objectives) based on a firm political consensus about U.S. national interests and rigorous analysis of short-, medium-, and long-term threats, would shape the roles and missions of the military services as expressed in the National Defense Strategy (the implementation of national strategic objectives by the military), which in turn would influence choices in the Program Objective Memorandum.

o   The military mission must meet a crucial set of criteria:

§  Vital to our national security?

§  Exhausted all available alternatives?

§  Reasonable chance of achieving stated objectives at an acceptable cost?

o   Defend the homeland.

o   Sustain four peacekeeping engagements.

o   Fight two large scale regional conflicts.

o   The military implications of the Bush Doctrine are the overriding framework driving the QDR.

o   The military force levels include active and Reserve components.

Cyberspace is an area of threats that only requires a connection to the internet.

o   Offensive attacks can cripple infrastructure and utilities.

§  Denial of service is an effective blocking strategy.

§  Corrupting enemy infrastructure impedes ability to react.

§  Corrupting enemy capabilities can negate potential threats.

o   Defensive strategy is to identify and negate impact as fast as possible.

§  Defensive strategy includes restricting access and rapid notification.

§  Defensive strategy also includes rapid identification of attack initiation.

o   Cyber adversaries can be nation states, ideologies, or even bored hackers.

§  On a single day in 2008, would-be intruders hit the Pentagon 6 million times in a 24-hour period.

§  Before September 11, 2001, the highest annual figure for cyberattacks against the Pentagon was 250,000.

§  There is still no way of telling whether these were attempted intrusions by teenagers testing their hacking skills or the electronic warfare departments of nations, constantly flexing their electronic muscles.

§  Russia and China are the two biggest nation-state threats.

§  Iran and North Korea are developing cyberwar capabilities to advance their agendas.

Missile defense is a technological and political challenge.

o   In 1972 only 9 countries had ballistic missiles.

o   In 2008 at least 27 countries have ballistic missile systems.

§  Some of these countries actively support terrorist groups (North Korea. Iran, Syria).

o   China is planning to integrate space warfare as another domain of war.

o   Short range missile defense systems have been initially successful.

o   Development is underway with some success for ballistic missile defense systems.

o   The command and control network must include expanding array of sensors and interceptors.

o   Australia, Great Britain, and Japan have agreed to cooperative programs in missile defense.

The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States.

·         The Guard (Air and Army) can serve in three different manners under present law.

o   State Active Duty - funded by the state, and under command of the state.

o   Federal Duty (Title 10) - funded by DoD, under DoD command.

o   Discretionary (Title 32) - This is funded by DoD, but still under the command of the state to which the troops belong, the most prevalent way to use the Guard when you have a problem such as a national emergency or disaster, allows the cash-strapped states to use their assets as they see fit, but to allow DoD to pay the salaries of the troops.

The “progressive” left has opposed every war that America has fought over the last 70 years.

Twenty-two states have volunteer state defense forces (SDF) militia units as low cost force multiplier and homeland security resource.

o   Natural disasters and their aftermaths.

o   Terrorist attacks against population, infrastructure, or facilities.

o   Other hazards to public health and safety, such as outbreaks of contagious diseases.



Modern Americans are liberators, not conquerors.

Military core capabilities should include:

Caspar Weinberger defined his Doctrine in 1984:   

What is a just war?

Reagan’s Rules for Military Action:

·         The United States should not commit its forces to military actions overseas unless the cause is vital to our national interest.

·         If the decision is made to commit our forces to combat abroad, it must be done with the clear intent and support to win, with clearly defined and realistic objectives.

·         Before we commit our troops to combat, there must be reasonable assurance that the cause we are fighting for and the actions we take will have the support of the American people and Congress.

·         Even after all these other tests are met, our troops should be committed to combat only as a last resort, when no other choice is available.

Criteria for military intervention:

National defense re-building principles:

·         Rebuild ground forces based on strategic requirements.

·         Preserve the all-volunteer force.

·         Expand the capabilities-based force to support wide range of missions.

·         Revitalize the strategic forces (missile defense, space-based programs, cyber warfare).

·         Develop next-generation platforms.

·         Exploit cutting-edge technologies for competitive advantage over future adversaries.

·         Maintain air supremacy.

·         Maintain the capacity to control sea-lanes and defeat anti-access strategies.

Damage Limitation Strategy tenets:

Principles for Stability Operations and State Building:

·         Principles of Process:

o   1) Develop Human Capital

§  Education

§  Assignment

§  Accreditation

o   2) Create Common Space

o   3) Fight the Fog of Peace

§  Convergence

§  Lack of interagency planning

§  Lack of information and sharing of information

·         Principles of Purpose:

o   4) Determine Clear, Concise National Objectives

o   5) Establish Interagency Coordination

o   6) Ensure Unity of Effort

·         Principles of Peace:

o   7) Understand the Country

o   8) Delegitimize Bad Ideas

o   9) Create Credible Alternative and the Will to Prevail

The Peace Through Strength Platform is a statement of principles, intended to educate the American public on explicit positions taken by candidates for elected office or current office-holders:

Nuclear weapons policy must enhance and enshrine the strategic stability that has preserved global peace and prevented the use of nuclear weapons for generations:

Chinese Three Warfare’s (psychological, media, legal) technique to achieve strategic objectives.



Short Term, Allocate 4% of GDP on an ongoing basis for the continued rebuilding and maintenance of national defense.

Conduct a Military Transformation Review to identify opportunities to reduce bureaucracy, improve efficiencies and collapsing functional capabilities to cut costs (such as):

Integrate Coast Guard mission and resources from Department of Homeland Security.

Require National Security Strategy to be reviewed and reissued periodically, at least once each administration.

o   Evaluate both short-term and long-term risks.

o   Establish that humanitarian interventions should be State, not Defense mission.

o   Establish that nation-building is State, not Defense mission.

o   Derive the QDR from the National Security Strategy.

o   Create a buffer between the demands of the budget calendar and the strategy policy review.

o   Promote maintaining a substantial technological superiority.

o   Expand the two-war construct to reflect current risk environment.

o   Improve Congressional buy-in by establishing a permanent national defense panel.

o   Clearly link Defense as last resort extension of foreign policy.

o   Set force level needs to meet short and long term threats.

§  Ensure military readiness supports threat needs.

Ø  Ensure social reengineering (DADT) that undermines military readiness.

§  Set equipment needs to address short and long term threats.

·         Clarify scope of national vs. market cyber-attacks and a range of military vs. criminal responses.

o   Integrate cyber-warfare into the scope and fabric of national defense.

o   Define a measured escalation of cyber-defense and cyber-counterattacks.

o   Optimize defense infrastructure investments.

§  Close underutilized bases.

§  Cut military construction and housing.

§  Reform maintenance and supply systems.

o   Continue investments in a viable tactical and strategic missile defense system.

§  Develop a layered missile defense program.

Ø  Retain the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) program.

Ø  Preserve the Airborne Laser (ABL) program.

Ø  Continue boost-phase missile defense programs.

Ø  Field a system to protect U.S. coastal areas from sea launched shorter range systems.

§  Develop both defensive and offensive cyber-war capabilities.

§  Develop and field test space-based elements.

o   Add Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) as viable threat scenario.

§  Ensure critical infrastructure (power, communications, IT) is protected from EMP threats.

§  Integrate EMP suppression into missile defense plans.

o   Ensure National Guard receives long term commitment of resources and funding:

§  Ensure the appropriate Active and Reserve mix to meet the needs of the future.

§  Ensure equipment needs include dual use equipment for domestic missions.

§  Reorganize the National Guard to aid its response to catastrophic events.

o   Ensure ongoing maintenance to maintain or extend the service lives of equipment.

o   Standardize infrastructure, logistics, and equipment to better enable unified commands.

o   Restock prepositioned supplies to enable rapid deployment around the world.

o   Reinvigorate multi-national exercises and foreign military engagements.

o   Maintain air superiority advantage.

o   Continue investments in robotic technologies to expand military reach with decreased human risk.

o   Modernize nuclear warheads to maintain a nuclear deterrent.

Reform the military compensation, retirement, and health care system to honor current obligations to service members and updated to meet the changing demands for sustaining the all-volunteer force in a more mobile labor market.

Establish a civilian agency (Stability Operations Force) to replace military when the situation on the ground transitions to post-conflict/post-disaster stabilization and nation building and reconstruction.

o   Recruit Foreign Service experienced professionals for senior leadership positions.

o   Establish a roster of people with language and technical skills to stand by in reserve.

o   Recruit expertise in engineering, medicine, and policing available for deployment.

o   Augment security forces with experienced combat veterans and intelligence personnel.

o   Augment non-security resources with experienced civilian contractors.

Enforce Solomon Amendment linking federal funding to defense recruiting on campuses.

Long Term, Transform the American military to operate successfully in the future.

Redefine the strategic defense posture to one of Damage Limitation Strategy.

o   Continue reduction of operationally deployed strategic nuclear warheads.

o   Continue improving security at nuclear sites around the world.

o   Continue support for the “Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction” and the “Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.”

o   Increase Army and Marines to meet future ground forces needs.

o   Expand Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to meet expected expanded missions.

o   Rebuild Navy to a sustainable global power level of deployment (300 ships).

o   Recapitalize and modernize Air Force to maintain air superiority.

o   Establish a National Security Space Command for Space, including satellite, defense.

o   Build a Cyber-War Command with both defensive and offensive capabilities.

o   Rebuild intelligence capability to better serve defense needs.

Transfer the Stability Operations Force to the Department of State for to post-conflict/post-disaster stabilization and nation building and reconstruction.



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