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December 19, 2018

Section: Foreign – Africa

The U.S. is getting little recognition for the tremendous progress being made by the HIV/AIDs initiative, and will only degrade diplomatic perception by getting involved in civil wars.

I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.” Nelson Mandela.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Africa is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent.

Africa also suffers from a variety of internal and external problems.

o   Foreign aid has been diverted by corrupt and incompetent regimes to buy military equipment, pay off cronies, and keep oppressing people, while funding off shore accounts.

In 2000, The African Growth and Opportunity Act was designed to be the cornerstone of America’s economic interaction with Africa.

The developed world has committed to help Africa promote its own development.

Major super powers are looking to cement relationships in Africa.

In 2003 the United States committed to a $15 billion initiative to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Islamo-fascists are exploiting African unemployment and poverty to take over weak countries and implement Sharia law.

Rwanda has grown with low personal taxes, low corporate taxes, and business facilitation.



Shift US focus from one of benefactor to one of partnership.



Redefine the conflicts in Africa as another major theater in the Global War on Terror.

Reinforce the importance of democratic governance in Africa and publicly support the region’s democratic standard bearers.

Renew and Upgrade African Growth and Opportunity Act.



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