Domestic Policy

Return to Common Sense

June 1, 2019

Section: Domestic - Policy

 Limit the federal government to those duties specifically enumerated in the Constitution, and let the states compete on merit.

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.” John F. Kennedy.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Constitution established a federal government of limited powers, enumerated in Article I, section 8.

States rights reaffirmed by 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution

Anglo-American foundations of society are:

The left and right differ in their approach to law.

Federal spending is the third-largest item in the federal budget after Social Security and defense.



Unless Constitution specifically grants power to the Federal government, the states may legislate their own laws.

Government programs must be self sustaining.

Conservative approach to social problems:



Short Term, Limit size and intrusion of government.

o   Interpret Commerce Clause restrictively to return governmental power to the States.

Long Term, Downsize government, with particular emphasis on unsustainable entitlement spending:

o   Department of Agriculture ($142.0 billion annually).

o   Department of Commerce ($16.7 billion annually).

o   Department of Education ($106.9 billion annually).

o   Department of Energy ($38.3 billion annually).

o   Department of Health and Human Services ($868.8 billion annually).

o   Department of Housing and Urban Development ($62.5 billion annually).

o   Department of Interior (12.0 billion annually).

o   Department of Labor (209.3 billion annually).

o   Department of Transportation ($90.9 billion annually).

o   Federal Reserve Banks.

o   Export-Import Bank.

o   Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

o   Rural Housing Service (RHS).

o   Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae).

o   Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), ($6.5 B).

o   Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), ($6.5 B).

o   Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB).

o   Student Loan Marketing Corporation (Sallie Mae).

o   Social Security - Privatize into Personal Savings Accounts.

o   Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.

o   Risk Management Agency ($3.4B).

o   Crop Insurance.

o   National Flood Insurance.

o   Property Insurance.

o   Terrorism Risk Insurance (TRIA).

o   Windstorm Insurance.

o   Medicare (325B) - Privatize into personal Health Savings Accounts.

o   Tennessee Valley Authority.

o   NASA ($15.7B).

o   Amtrak ($2.53B).

o   Army Corps of Engineers ($4.9B).

o   St. Lawrence Seaway.

o   National Weather Service ($2.3B).

o   Geographic Survey ($.5B).

o   Global Positioning Service ($7.0B).

o   Transportation Security Agency ($2.7B).

o   Federal Aviation Administration ($11.8B).

o   Airport operations.

o   Seaport operations.

o   Highway operations

o   Postal Service ($8.1B).

o   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

o   Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit ($62B)

o   Medicaid ($186B).

o   State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

o   State Payment for Family Support ($4,142M).

o   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ($18,099M)

o   Child Care Entitlement Grants ($2.7B).

o   Child Care & Development Grants ($2.1B).

o   Community Oriented Policing Services ($575M).

o   Community Service Grants ($631M)

o   Foster Care & Adoption Grants ($6.5B).

o   Head Start ($6.8B).

o   Social Service Grants ($1.8B).

o   Federal Transit Administration ($15.5B).

o   Federal Highway Administration ($51.8B). .

o   Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

o   Excess electromagnetic spectrum ($150B).

o   Commodity lands (Forest Service, BLM) ($160B).

o   Government buildings and lands ($10.B).

o   Transfer lands with marketable resources to fiduciary trusts to maximize net returns and/or preserve and restore ecosystems or cultural resources

o   Each state can choose the level of natural resource exploitation.

o   Privatize federal lands that have no unique environmental value.

o   Administration on Aging ($1.4B).

o   Employment and Training Administration ($5.2B).

o   Low Income Home Energy Assistance ($2.1B).

o   Small Business Administration ($3.0B).

o   Substance Abuse & Mental Health ($3.2B).

o   Trade Adjustment Assistance ($1.1B).

o   Agency for International Development ($3.7B).

o   Corporation for Public Broadcasting ($466M).

o   Economic Development Administration ($392M).

o   Maritime Administration ($411M).

o   National Endowment for the Arts & Humanities ($254M).

o   Rural Development ($1.0B).

o   United Nations ($362M).



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