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December 5, 2015

Section: Domestic – Legal

Federal legislation has become too long, too cumbersome, and unreadable thus causing too many laws to be passed without understanding the implications.”

Our constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws, not of men.” Gerald R. Ford.


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Since its founding in 1974, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has produced independent, nonpartisan, timely analysis of economic and budgetary issues to support the Congressional budget process.

The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) is located within the Office of Management and Budget and was created by Congress with the enactment of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980 (PRA).

Legal writing obfuscates meaning.

Federal law is a confused mess with the U.S. Code disorganized and unreadable.

Private property is protected in the Constitution.

Conservative State ballot propositions have increased on issues not adequately addressed at the Federal level.

Special Prosecutors have been appointed to examine government misdeeds.

Regulation is a hidden tax on American consumers.

o   Code of Federal regulations reached over 150,000 pages in 2005.

o   The Federal Register report on new regulatory actions rose to over 72,000 pages.

§  Since 1995 when the “small government Republicans” took over Congress, 51,000 rules and regulations have been added!

o   Federal tax code covers 17,000 pages and requires 700 different forms.

o   FY 2008 budget calls for expenditures on regulatory activities of $46.6 billion.

o   FY 2008 budget requests level of staffing on regulatory activities to be 251,595 FTE (3% increase).

o   Regulatory costs absorb 9% of U.S. GDP.

o   Five most active rule-producing agencies are: Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

o   Of the 4,052 regulations now in the pipeline, 139 are “economically significant” rules that will have at least $100 million in economic impact.

o   The total cost of these 43 major regulations topped $26.5 billion, far more than any other year for which records are available.

o   The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) estimates the annual compliance costs fo all regulations to hit $1.187 trillion in 2009.

Tort liability has added an expensive burden to industry.

o   Our nation’s tort system is the most expensive in the world and twice that of a typical industrialized nation.

o   The indirect costs caused by excessive litigation far outweigh the direct costs of paying attorneys and the occasional jackpot justice verdict.

o   Features unique to the United States raise costs astronomically, such as unbounded noneconomic damages; a broader use of punitive damages; contingent fees of a percentage of recovery; the lack of loser-pays system; extraordinarily broad discovery; class-action litigation; and the use of speculative and nonscientific expert testimony in some state courts.

§  In Texas, “loser pays” provisions allow Texas trial courts to compel filers of frivolus or legally groundless suits to pay “equitable and just” attorney’s fees and costs for defendants wrongfully hauled into court.

§   “American rule” requires each side in a dispute must pay its own lawyers, regardless of the outcome.

o   In 2003 and 2005, Texas adopted medical malpractice lawsuit abuse reforms that within three years medical malpractice insurance premiums were reduced by 35%.

Class action suits were designed to make legal system more accessible and less expensive.

ACLU is working to ensure the US government complies with universal rights principles.

The Justice Department has created a slush fund for corporate financial penalties.



Meltzer’s Laws of Regulation:

Over-regulation/over-legalization has impeded growth and prosperity.

No piece of legislation may deal with more than one subject.



Short Term, Establish a Congressional Office of Regulatory Analysis (CORA).

·         Require a regulatory impact analysis for legislation similar to the existing requirement of a CBO score.

Protect the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs to scrutinize rules before adoption.

·         Require independent agencies to submit cost benefit analyses to OIRA for non-binding review.

o   When a regulation will cost more than $100 million to comply with, Congress should require a vote on the regulation BEFORE it becomes binding.

·         Require a sunset date for all new federal regulations

Expand Congressional Accountability Act to ensure all statutes and regulations apply equally to members of Congress and their staff:

Reorganize, update, and enact the entire U.S. Code as law.

Ensure Congress oversees the impact of legislation, under the Congressional Review Act:

Reform tort system:

o   Eliminate punitive (pain and suffering) awards.

o   Enact traditional English Rule (“loser pays”) and require litigants to pay costs of spurious law suits.

o   Require class members to affirmatively “opt-in” rather than affirmatively “opt-out.”

o   Treat settlement and attorney’s fees as part of one recovery, with recovery total split.

Ensure all Justice Department financial penalties are deposited into the Treasury as unrestricted funds.

Restrict eminent domain judgments to public projects.

Long Term, Restrict lawyers from serving in office in the legislative branch of government.



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