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July 23, 2019

Section: Culture – Media

The Mainstream Media has revealed itself as politically biased with a leftist, anti-American agenda, so exploit emerging alternative media to replace this subjective information distribution channel as a trusted source.”

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” Mark Twain


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Media is known as the “fourth estate”, a powerful force outside of government.

Mainstream media (MSM) is composed of traditional, large city media outlets.

In 2010 television remains the main source of national and international news for most Americans, according to Pew Research.

·       66% of people get most of their news from television.

·       41% of people count on the internet for their news.

o   The trend toward the internet is particularly marked among 18-29 year olds.

·       31% depends on their newspapers.

o   Given the last few years of bleak stories about the print media, their value as a source has dropped.

·       16% depend on radio as their news service.

·       Figures add up to more than 100% because respondents could volunteer up to two main sources.

Mainstream Media includes “public” broadcasting partially subsidized by the US government.

Mainstream Media masquerades opinion as news.

o   There are numerous examples of the entire MSM using identical political talking points.

o   News media professionals are overwhelmingly liberal on social, ethical, and political issues.

o   News media professionals identify themselves overwhelmingly as Democrats.

o   The same ratios are evident when news people rate themselves on the left-to-right spectrum.

o   Members of the news media have supported Democrat or liberal/Left candidates and causes, both at the ballot box and with their checkbooks.

Mainstream Media tailors war coverage to support partisan opinion of that war.

o   New York Times theater critic, Frank Rich, has continued defeatist drumbeat beginning six months before Iraq War.

o   MSM coverage of the War in Iraq deteriorated as the war progressed from 51% negative to 94% negative between 2003 and 2006.

o   MSM filters out good news (uninformed) and emphasizes any bad news (misinformed).

o   MSM is quick to publish accusations against Americans, but frequently discovers them false.

§  Experienced veterans are given headlines until they are uncovered as “phony soldiers.”

o   Despite almost 100% of terrorist attacks were perpetuated by Muslims, any reference to this fact is branded as racist or bigoted.

o   A recent Harvard study has shown a direct “emboldenment effect” on insurgents after media criticism about the war or polling about public opinion on the conflict.

·         Once it became clear that the Iraq surge was working, coverage switched to anti-military.

o   Recruitment and retention statistics are misrepresented to indicate dissatisfaction.

o   Ex soldiers are portrayed as ticking time bombs due to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Mainstream Media opinion “push” polls are conducted to manufacture news.

Mainstream Media liberal bias also exists outside the U.S.

o   American news in Italy is mainly provided by the BBC and CNN International.

o   BBC own controller of editorial policy found the real perception of ‘bias of omission.”

Mainstream Media has exercised the liberal activism playbook.

  1. Seek power
  2. Identify those who can stop you from getting power.
  3. Find their strengths.
  4. Convince people that their strengths are really your strengths.
  5. Attack them by twisting what they said and stand for.
  6. Slam them
  7. Slam them again,
  8. Get personal
  9. Slam them some more.
  10. Shout louder if no one is listening.
  11. Don’t give up until you wear the opposition down enough that you win by default.

The liberal mainstream media works to silence conservative critics rather than engage their criticisms and debate issues.

Mass media is experiencing a number of conflicting industry trends:

Alternative media has grown to fill the news reporting void and is composed of non traditional sources.

o   American Greatness

o   The American Spectator

o   American Thinker

o   Canada Free Press

o   Front Page Magazine

o   Hot Air

o   Lucianne

o   National Review Online

o   PJ Media

o   Real Clear Politics

o   Town Hall

o   Internet blogs frequently catch MSM inaccuracies and mistruths.

Social media has emerged as an alternative source of news, particularly for younger voters.

o   71% of younger users putting the same or greater level of trust in content.

o   36% of older voters calling it less reliable than traditional news sources.

There are rules about how a Party controlled press works:

Unseen anti-government forces are known as a “fifth column.”

o   83% of likely voters said the media is biased in one direction or another.

o   64% who detected bias in the media said the media leans left, while 28% see right leaning.

o   97% of republicans said the media is liberal and two thirds of independents feel the same.

The Entertainment industry is also led by liberals and is promoting a liberal agenda.

o   Hollywood continues to produce money losing anti-war movies, rather than profitable patriotic military films.

o   A G.I. Film Festival was scheduled in response to a L.A. Times column by Joel Stein proclaiming “I don’t support the troops.”

Propaganda is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented.

o   Outrageous, unsupported lies are postulated because people simply refuse to believe that anyone would lie so blatantly.

o   Inconvenient and contradictory facts are ignored or discarded.

o   Multiple media outlets then run the same story without any new substantiation.

o   Truth is asserted based on volume of stories by the incestuous MSM.

o   The only way to cancel a “Big Lie” strategy is to counter with facts with equal volume.

A politically correct and liberal-biased media industry that engages in censorship is the real reason for the industry’s woes and decline.

o   AM radio has had a renaissance since the late 1980s precisely because it allowed for more diversity of voices, and conservatives were able to build an audience.

o   Cable news is dominated by Fox News because they allow right-of-center voices on the air together with the usual liberal voices to create a more vigorous discussion.



Fair and balanced should be the media standard.

"Truth" can be divided into nine levels of ever-increasing deviation from "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:"  

  1. The highest level would be a complete and absolute comprehension of the reality of any object which would require an absolute comprehension of the universe.
  2. The sum total of all the observations and experience that we acquire in the course of our lives, which is subjective by each observer. We often pool our observations into a collective truth by literature, media, and personal communication.
  3. This level is fed by observations distorted by inadvertent human error, such as misperception, acceptance of fallacies, faulty transcription, fallibility of memory, and the practical impossibility of completely studying and digesting any topic.  These frailties hinder our efforts to collectively pool our perceptions and is prone to errors in communication and mutual misunderstanding.
  4. The next lower level attempts to organize and digest our share of truth into a concise summary, which scientists and sociologists like to call a "theory" or "law of nature." And here we come to a paradox. We tend to think of a these theories as somehow superior to the raw information as a distillation of that data into something nobler and closer to absolute truth. The fact that a theory is "elegant" or "neat" is irrelevant, but preferable. The only real value of a theory is its ability to predict the results of future observations, and sooner or later, it fails to do so and must be replaced with something that more closely conforms to the available data.  
  5. The next level is truth based on supposition, due to the natural human tendency to laziness and haste, often exacerbated by shortages of funding and the pressure of deadlines.  This is usually combined with failing to verify sources or search for contrary evidence.
  6. The next level is the partial blindness induced by prejudice, obsession, ideology, or self-interest.  We become vulnerable to this dishonesty by avoiding sources that hold views contrary to our own.   The culpability of this level is obscure and best left unjudged.
  7. At some point, we cross the border of honesty into the deliberate omission of facts that contradict one's viewpoint.  They are dismissed as "irrelevant," "insignificant," or "not news."
  8. The next level is the calculated verbal distortion of the truth by what rhetoricians call "persuasion."  This includes the use of elements of bias such as verbal coloring, informal fallacies such as red herrings and false comparisons, and the techniques for emotional button-pushing and misrepresenting facts.
  9. Finally, we reach the lowest level of truth: deliberate falsification of data and the fabrication of lies.  Here, all pretense of truth-telling has been thrown aside, and the perpetrator knows perfectly well that he is lying.  This frees him to exercise his ingenuity by creating elaborate fabrications.  This level liar may even try to justify himself by the assertion that he is lying for a good cause.

Mainstream Media Six Stages of Scandal Management:

Walter Williams (University of Missouri) Journalist Creed:



Government must ensure free speech with a free market of ideas in all forms of media.

All Media outlets should be publicly rated and ranked by objectivity and treated accordingly.

o   Openly reward objective film and music media outlets with exclusive background and technical support.

Republicans must learn to use the alternative media to compete head to head with the liberal MSM.

o   Stop pre-releasing speeches and press releases to adversarial media sources.

o   Treat MSM journalists as a hostile audience, revealing their partisan agendas.

o   Exploit alternative media to counter MSM “Big Lies” repetition and volume.



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