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July 23, 2019

Section: Culture – Feminism

Sexual equality has been achieved, but feminists try to justify further actions based on dis-proven studies, which has its own unintended consequence of inability to achieve unrealistic expectations.

It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union... Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less. Susan B. Anthony


Philosophy (Background, Issues, Objectives):

Feminism has achieved its goal of equal opportunity

o   First Wave Feminism - Margaret Walters in Feminism, A Very Short Introduction, details the rise of secular feminism. Philosopher John Stuart Mill published The Subjugation of Women, an influential defense of women’s rights, in 1869, which helped lead into the battle for suffragism, the women’s vote which was not achieved till the First World War when millions of women left the home to work and help with the war effort.

o   Second Wave Feminism - The Second Wave emerged after WWII. Betty Freidan’s Feminine Mystique was a scathing expose’ of the supposed mass of unhappy urban housewives across America. The radical Friedan went on to help found the National Organization of Women (NOW). Gloria Steinem founded Ms Magazine for an increasingly radicalized feminist movement, which moved towards Marxist concepts. Germaine Greer wrote The Female Eunuch in 1970, which challenged the notion that women were inferior in any sense to men, whether physically or psychologically.

o   Egalitarian feminists were radicals that held that men and women, although socialized to different roles, are identical in their essential natures. By appealing to principles of social justice and universal rights, egalitarians sought to liberate women from the private sphere of the home—into the public spheres of politics, business, and work.

o   Social feminists were traditionalist, family-centered, embraced women’s roles as mothers or caregivers, and promoted women’s rights by redefining and strengthening those roles. Social feminists argued that an empowered femininity could be a force for good and made common cause with the egalitarians in promoting women’s education, suffrage, and participation in the culture and politics.

o   Today’s colleges are 57% female.

o   Women are now fully represented in law, medicine, and science.

o   When pay is normalized for experience and job conditions, women earn same or more than men.

o   Women are “off-ramping” to take time off for children, returning with minimal career damage.

o   ERA will be used to protect not only women, but homosexuals and transgendered.

o   In 2004 one in five women in their early 40s are childless, down from one in ten in 1976.

o   In 2004 67.2% of women were married, down from 88% in 1960.

o   It continues as a tool of the elite agenda: depopulation, destabilizing society, and dismantling Western Civilization.

There is a broad spectrum of types of feminism:

Feminist movement has become out of touch: anti-male, anti-child, anti-family, and anti-feminine.

o   One faction is radical “gender feminists” who are anti-male and pro-socialist.

o   One faction is equity feminists who embrace equality and individual rights.

o   NOW is not focused on the problems of the mainstream woman and jobs and family.

o   NOW is mesmerized by lesbian rights, radical chic, and the politics of victimization.

o   Friedan, Smeal, Steinem etc. have made a living fanning the perception of feminism.

o   University of New Hampshire Dr. Murray Straus found in 1975 that wives are equally likely to abuse their spouses.

§  Follow- up surveys conducted over the next 20 years confirmed the gender-equal results in his original research.

§  When other researchers studied homosexual relationships, lesbians were found to have the highest rates of partner aggression.

o   University of Delaware Professor Suzanne Steinmetz published her survey on domestic violence, showing women are often as violent as their husbands.

o   University of British Columbia Dr. Donald Dutton debunked the feminist propaganda on partner abuse.

o   Erin Pizzey’s book “Prone to Violence” revealed women are often as physically aggressive as their mates.

o   Casual sex impairs the ability to establish a lasting emotional bond.

o   Casual sex leaves young people alone and lonely.

o   The so-called “sexual revolution” has produced dramatic increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

College Women’s Studies programs have degenerated into a victimology program.

o   Women’s Studies programs are unabashedly political and intermingled with the feminist movement.

o   Programs tend to be anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-male in content.

o   Equal pay statistics are quoted, despite the underlying life style choice variations.

o   Vagina Monologue is an ultra-feminist play that has stirred controversy wherever it is shown.

o   University of Arizona Mary Koss redefined sexual interactions to be reclassified as rape.

o   Rape victimization was computed to be 25%, which is refuted by study participants.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) was adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly and initiated in 1981 after ratification by 20 member states.

o   It poses many problems for Amer­ica's federalist system of government and the rights established in the U.S. Constitution.

o   Many of the issues with which CEDAW concerns itself, such as access to health care and education, belong under the purview of state or local jurisdiction in the U.S. constitutional order.

o   Furthermore, countries that have ratified CEDAW are evaluated based on their compliance with CEDAW by the CEDAW Committee, which meets at the UN several times a year.

o   The committee consistently oversteps its mandate, acting as a quasi-judicial body issuing forceful instructions to countries that often do not share its radical social agenda, and committee meetings inev­itably serve as a forum for reinterpreting the terms agreed upon by the treaty members.

o   In the case of American women, their freedom and personal dignity are best protected by the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law it establishes.



Sexual equality has basically been achieved, and any exceptions can be prosecuted.



Declare Victory in the War on Equality, having delivered equal opportunity regardless of sex.

o   Eliminate all sexual classifications not justified by a compelling government interest.

o   Rewrite Violence Against Women Act and Victims of Crime Act to be gender-neutral.



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